Family Advocacy Scheme

A Brief History

The Family Advocacy Scheme replaced the Family Graduated Fee Scheme in May 2011, and amended in February 2012 the scheme covers Fees in the FPC, County and High Courts without the need to obtain prior authority, the bill are processed by the LAA electronically and paper bills are not accepted Please refer to the CCMS page for further information on the pilot

The full provisions of the scheme are set out in the Community Legal Service (Funding)(Amendment) Order 2011 (No 1027) ) and in section 7 of the 2012 Standard Civil Contract (Family and Housing) (the Family Specification).

It applies to applications for funding made on or after 9 May 2011 in accordance with paragraph 7.28 of the Family Specification. For cases started prior to that date previous guidance including the guidance on the Family Graduated Fee Scheme will continue to apply.

High Costs Case Family Is it FAS? Is it events? or is it FGFS?
High Costs Case Family can be a bit of a minefield to navigate I have linked to the High Costs guidance provided by the LAA, well worth a read (and a re read) to get your head around it.