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Prosecution Graduated Fees

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Family Advocacy Fees

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Graduated Fees LogoWelcome to the Graduated Fees website, Celebrating 10 years of providing easy links and advice to the Bar and Clerks Nationwide.

Here you will find links to all currently available Advocacy Graduated Fees regulations, CPS Graduated Fee Scheme E regulations, Family Advocacy Scheme and Family Graduated Fee Scheme regulations.

You will also find all the current billing documents required for submission to the LAA for payment, together with ‘NTT Red Corner’ forms and an electronic claim form for submission of Confiscation Claim Forms.

Graduated Fee Calculators

Recently I have added the Graduated Fee Calculators found on to assist you in fee calculation should your software fail you.

Except where stated the documents and resources provided are all pooled from the various LAA/HMCTS/CPS sites dotted around and are not subject to changes, all documents are in their original formats.

The Graduated Fee Scheme for each area have varied greatly over the years. I have attempted to put all relevant regulations and forms onto this site. Each area of law has its own designated page with all relevant regulations, guidance and documents where possible, if you spot one that is missing please let me know.

The Graduated Fees Schemes can often be confusing and knowing which documents to use and what rules to apply can be a minefield of regulations. and with no formal  training currently offered you can often be shooting blind.  This site aims to assist you in your quest for accurate billing.

Graduated Fees is produced by Richard Wright, Chambers Administrator at St Pauls Chambers.

The site is produced as an aid to clerks and counsel who are undertaking billing. Unless stated all relevant documentation is obtained or links to all available published guidelines.