Prosecution Graduated Fees

A Brief History

The Prosecution Graduated Fees Scheme (GFS) was introduced on 29th October 2001 and revised in October 2005. That revised scheme(Scheme B) applied to all cases committed, transferred or sent to the Crown Court on or after 3rd October 2005. On 1st March 2012 a revised scheme known as Scheme C was introduced. Scheme C was amended as of the 5th February 2018 to reflect small changes to processing and court processes, all links to the right have been updated .

Scheme C applies to any case in which the advocate is instructed to prosecute in the Crown Court on or after that date.

The CPS are in the process of rolling out paperless billing through their "Zanzibar" system, the system is proving a success with payment time averaging currently around 7-10 days from case conclusion .

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