AGFS Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing Ongoing

Despite my Reservations the AGFS paperless system is proving to be quite good, once you have gotten over the pain of adding each and every counsel as an individual.

The system isn't without its floors but on the whole its accurate, easy to use and very informative (ie everything the CCMS system isnt), the additional bonus is that counsel can create accounts to view their own bills, they can check the date of submission, when its been allocated and any determination decisions. This has proven to be quite popular and takes away the constant "can you check whats happening with my claim?" question. It does however have a drawback which im sure will fizzle away as the uniqueness of it passes, counsel suddenly become billing experts and question each and every decision a DTO might make even when it has zero effect on their final figure, my email inbox rapidly expanded in the first 2 weeks as counsel bedded in.

Sure its not perfect but it is a massive leap forward and far better than the shower that we are served with on CCMS.

Onwards and upwards.

I have now linked to the online system (see the right column) Enjoy