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Graduated Fees is owned and managed by Richard Wright Chambers Administrator at St Pauls Chambers Leeds and a Fees Clerk for 10 years . Richard has an excellent working knowledge of the Graduated Fee Scheme for both Defence and Prosecution and also the FGF and FAS schemes.

Historically Richard has provided a detailed GFS calculator for proposed fees put forward by the MOJ (initial proposals) to enable chambers to accuratly predict what the fee impact would be on chambers. Richard re billed 12 months of fees to show the effect , this information was provided to the Criminal Bar Association and presented to the Justice Select committee meeting.

This website was produced to try and make it easier to locate and use the current online information relating to the Graduated Fee Scheme (CPS and Defence) and the FAS and FGF schemes. The MOJ and LAA websites can be a minefield and it is not always clear where to obtain the required information.

Richard is happy to hear from anyone using the site and appreciates any feedback, which can be sent to or use the contact me form.

Richard is currently a certified level 2 Bookkeeper and Associate member of the IAB.

On a personal note Richard Enjoys Rugby League and is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts which he tested for in March 2016 along side his wife , 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter. Richard is currently studying to become a Martial Arts Instructor.

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